The Future of Talents – The actors of Europe’s Future! event, organized by the Harghita County Council within the European Week of Regions and Cities

The European Year of Youth gave even more voice to events that focused on the development and involvement of young people in formulating and making decisions that shape their future.

The priority of Harghita County Council is to give youth the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, at home, in Harghita County, and thus, the events organized by the institution have the role of identifying the problems and situations they face, but also to involve them in identifying and formulating solutions.

Mr. Borboly Csaba, the President of the County Council and Member of the European Committee of the Regions, together with young people and their representatives, during the workshop entitled Future of Talents – Actors of the Future of Europe, emphasized the importance of young people having a vision, to assume a role and actively participate in the formulation and decision-making process, so that their voice is heard at local, national and European level and that their ideas are included in laws and regulations.

Mr. Farkas András, strategic director of the Pont Group Consulting organization, appreciated that Europe cannot exist without young people and that the way society will transform depends on how we create a future for young people, pointing out that the future of localities is organically linked to what is happening now with young people and as such it is very important that decisions are made with them and for them.

Mr. Fekete Örs, the Director of the Public Service of Mountain Rescue of Harghita County Council, presented to the youth his experience, both in political life, as a local councilor, but also as member of the network of Young Elected Politicians within the CoR, as well as in the activity professional, day-to-day life, encouraging them to push their limits, persevere and seek to increase their resilience by actively engaging in all activities.

Mr. Csala Dénes, data- researcher, discussed the role of artificial intelligence, digitization and the need for responsible behavior so that the place and role of young people in this evolutionary process is identified.

Mr. Bogos Ákos, president of CSTIT (Youth Organization of Ciuc Microregion of Harghita County), spoke about the programs that the organization he leads runs with the aim of reaching young people and supporting them in their personal and professional development, pointing out as important their support in purchasing their first home.

Mr. Cilip Àrpàd, the Director of the Harghita County Development Agency, emphasized the importance of professional training and skills development for young people and the fact that they began to give an increasing role to professional practice, mentioning the programs that the agency runs with the aim of developing young people’s careers.

The conclusion of the event is that the future of Harghita county and Europe will depend on how we all contribute to the well-being of the next generation with our current means and experience and how we invest in young talents.

Furthermore, the European Year of Skills of 2023 will need to take in consideration the challenges and talents of youth from local and regional level, especially those from less developed regions and who have less access to the European decision making forums. The EU needs to bet on the talent of its labour force, to prevent brain drain and to provide training in the right skills to citizens at all stages of their lives, no matter where they live. Without support, the current gap will be greater and we cannot afford to have huge disparities within the EU, therefore young people with no prospect in one country should be supported to not to be forced to move to another country. As local and regional authorities we must bring them closer to the EU institutions, as well as to represent their messages on such level, based on the principle of subsidiarity and of the bottom-up approach.

Young people must be encouraged, involved and supported. How? By providing the space for development, mentoring, and providing funds. Their future requires equal opportunities and equal access; this can be achieved through sustainable methods and preparation for a digital transformation.

Thus, local authorities must link regional development with youth development.

  Miercurea Ciuc, 7th of November 2022.