A new report is being prepared in the European Committee of the Regions, which aims to target the development of rural regions in the EU. Rapporteur Csaba Borboly and expert László Csák discussed the two-stage consultation process related to this during the press confrence held on September 15.

The purpose of the report is to shape EU policies that promote the economic, social, and environmental development of rural areas by harnessing cultural diversity and creativity.

”It is crucial to keep in mind that the European Union always plans ahead. To access the resources we truly need in 2028, we must speak up now. We shouldn’t let others determine what is important for us. We should take into account the strength of our region and highlight our own tourist attractions based on our culture, traditions, and values,” said Csaba Borboly, who would contribute to facilitating social, economic, and environmental transformation through the consultation.

László Csák, a rural development expert, emphasized that this report focuses on culture-centric rural development based on local characteristics and values. It initiates a renewal grounded in traditions and also takes into account the interests of minorities, as rural life is often intertwined with them.

The comments and experiences received during the consultation will help shed light on the factors affecting rural development, the preservation of cultural heritage, and the promotion of sustainable practices, with a particular emphasis on biocultural areas.

The survey is of paramount importance in shaping rural areas that have an impact on rural communities. The input received can contribute to the development of more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable initiatives.

The survey will conclude on the 30th of September 2023. Further details will be communicated later.

You can access the questionnaire here: