Pope Francis's visit to Harghita County
Thursday, 20 June 2019 16:38:17

Szeklerland biggest voluntary co-operative work is preparing to Pope Francis visit

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On 1 June, during his visit in Romania, Pope Francis will celebrate a mass in Csíksomlyó. At local and national level, municipalities, locals and various institutions, the priesthood are preparing for this historical event. The programme of the visit will be finalised and communicated by the Vatican, but it is not yet public, but the previous preparations have been announced at the conference in Miercurea-Ciuc on 8 February by the members of the organizing committee of the Main Diocese of Alba Iulia, Dr. Bodó Márta and Ft. Prof. Dr. Zoltán Olah canon, Mr. Tánczos Barna, senator, Csaba Borboly, president of the Harghita County Council and Zoltan Füleki, deputy mayor of Miercurea Ciuc.

The members of the organising committee stresses the importance of informing the public about the program of the Pope Francis visit. The Final program will be communicated by the Holy See, but it is known, that on 1 June Pope Francis will stay about five hours among the pilgries. There is also a great interest from the press for the event, not only local press, but also from abroad, journalists are given the accreditation by the State President's Office, and the allocation will start six weeks before Pope Francis visit. The leaders of the Transylvanian congregation are invited to the event, the representatives of the Archdiocese of Gyulafehervar thanked to Csaba Borboly, Sándor Tamás, president of the Covasna County Council, Péter Ferenc, the president of Mures County Council and Róbert Ráuly, mayor of Miercurea-Ciuc for the assistance provided during the organization.

Barna Tánczos said that all of us will be blessed by God during these days, and this historic event brings a huge challenge to the community. This is the chance to give to our Hungarian brothers the kindness we have received from them in recent years. The hotels have already been occupied, he said, but pilgrimage accommodation and transport should be organized, pilgrimages should be established where the standard hygiene and meal conditions will be appropriate. The Senator calls upon all institutions and individuals to secure the needs of pilgrims.

Zoltán Füleki also asks private entrepreneurs to help with parking spaces, to release a factory yard for parking. It will be a major challenge to clean up the city, to provide health care, first aid, but was already taken the necessary steps with the Archbishopric, the Council of the Harghita County, the neighboring counties and toghether we will be able to stand up for the event, said the deputy mayor of Miercurea Ciuc .

Now is the time to organize the biggest co-operative work of the Szeklerland, Csaba Borboly said. Here is the opportunity to show our region's values, faith and hospitality. The visit of Pope in Csíksomlyó is the result of several years of work is, so we are thankful to the Gyulafehérvár Roman Catholic Archbishop and the whole priesthood, the Government of Hungary, the Romanian state - for a good Romanian-Hungarian co-operation - and for Kelemen Hunor, the president of the RMDSZ for the interference in order to make this visit possible. During the occasion of the szekler pilgrimage of nearly a thousand people in October, the Felcsík choirs had already shown how much the Pope is expected. They have begun their preparation, said the county president, the goal is to stay as many guests from the Pope visit to the Pentecostal, and return to us later. During this period, guests will be offered a colorful program. Visit Hargita's telephone app contains all the important information - accommodation, sights, programs - and many pilgrims on Saint Mary's Way.

The President of the County Council of Harghita also made a call: every settlement would make a sekler gate at the occasion of the Pope's visit, so that it would always remind us to this historical event. Our area will receive international attention, by which they can notice our particular situation, our troubles, the opportunities from our region. We need to show that Szeklerland is indeed here, even if some people dispute it. The county council and its institutions are also preparing for the event - mainly the county hospital and the mountain rescue service - for the safety of the guests, added Csaba Borboly and assured the attendees that Szeklerland, Harghita County, Miercurea Ciuc will be a good host during this extraordinary event.

Miercurea Ciuc,  at 8th february 2019