Pope Francis's visit to Harghita County
Thursday, 20 June 2019 16:19:03

Starting at 1th of March the registration for the Pope’s visit is open

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In addition to the press officers of Zoltán Oláh, Márta Bodó, Csaba Szőcs and Stelian Veres, the committee who is preparing the visit of the Holy Father at Csíksomlyó, Csaba Borboly, Chairman of Harghita County Council and representatives of the Consulate General of Hungary in Csíkszereda were present.

Oláh Zoltán canon at the beginning of the press conference introduced the banner for the event and emphasized that Pope Francis's with his visit will come to all four Roman Catholic advocates dioceses.

Márta Bodó said that the parishes are organizing pilgrim groups.
Since they expect not only pilgrims from Gyulafehérvár, Szatmár, Nagyvárad and Timisoara, but pilgrims from the entire Carpathian Basin, the online registration on pontifex.ro will be opened on March 1st.

At the press conference, Csaba Szőcs gave a presentation about the online registration through the website, they have registered  Ferenc Székedi, a publicist present, who received feedback immediately after completing the data and recorded their data.

As has been said, the registration will be closed on 31 of March, but if necesary it will be extended for a few more days. Children, students or groups of students, individuals and families, priests, monks, as well as disabled people and patients with an attendant can register separately. After the registration is closed, the registered users will be allocated into sectors.Then they release the barcode entry.
Entrants will be unique and can be accessed only once with an entry. Registration is free! – Oláh Zoltán emphasised.

The organizers also considered it important to inform that everybody will be able to come to Csíksomlyó without registration and entry, but in this case the papal mass can only be followed from distance, on a projector.
Those who do not have acces, are not allowed to get into the security zone.

They also recruit volunteers
Borboly Csaba, President of Harghita County Council emphasized the importance of the registration, and it called the pilgrim’s accommodation and the large number of programmes during the Harghita County Days for the period of 31th May and 10th of June the biggest voluntary co-operative work.

At the last press conference, Senator Barna Tánczos announced that they had asked the municipalities, the inhabitants of the region, to request free accommodation for at least one hundred thousand pilgrims, as the catering units were almost all booked.
Many urban and rural municipalities, companies and individuals have already joined this initiative.

As a good example, he mentioned Csíkszentdomokos, the birthplace of Bishop Márton Áron, where it has undertaken more than a thousand pilgrims.
At the same time, there are entrepreneurs in Csíkszereda who has offered parking spot for buses in the yard of his/her’s company.

- We would like to see more people in traditional costumes, to show our values and traditions.
This is a great opportunity to show off to the world who has it and for those who does not have it, they are  still in time to make it - said Borboly Csaba. Harghita County Council will also have a call for tenders for the purchase of folk costumes this year, which could be an a good example for all municipalities to take over.

- We are happy to take ideas and suggestions if anyone has a constructive remark concerning the Pope’s visit and all the programmes for the county days on the following email address info@hargitamegye.ro - asking the public through the press the president of Harghita County Council
More volunteers are needed, primarily the locals are asked for this task.
Those who wish to volunteer can contact with Csobot Györgydeák Szabolcs, the volunteer coordinator at +40749 059 459  phone number or via email at csobot.szabolcs@gmail.com.

Useful information

The local government and the organizers are strongly urged everybody not to travel by car. The town does not have enough parking space, and regarding to it starting from 31th of May, it will be closed for the car traffic. According to our information so far, on June 1 only cars with a special permit can enter the territory of Csikszereda.

The ceremony will take place in Latin, the songs will be played in Hungarian, the Pope will speak to the pilgrims in Italian, which will be translated into Hungarian, Romanian and English.
also the subtitles will be in Romanian on the projectors. TVR1 channel broadcasts the event live. With this, they also want to facilitate the involvement of pilgrims in the Mass.
It can be listened to on mobile devices,  in several languages, at different frequencies.