Pope Francis's visit to Harghita County
Thursday, 20 June 2019 16:15:55

Official: Pope Francis visits Csiksomlyó

Harghita County wishes to be a good host

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On 11th January 2019, at noon, it was officially announced that Pope Francis will visit Csíksomlyó between 31 may – 2 june 2019, accepting the invitation of Archdiocese of Alba Iulia and the Archbishop Jakubinyi György.

At the same time, On Friday 11 January, 11 p.m., an extraordinary Council meeting was held in Harghita County Council, where was invited Mr. Zoltán Gabor, parish priest and Mr. Sándor Incze cantor, from Csíkszépvíz ward, the main organizers of the half thousand secler pilgrimage to Rome, in last October. The president of Harghita County Council called a both hungarian and romanian diplomacy success the fact that the pope will spend three days in our county instead of a pre-planned "lightning visit".

It is now clear that this is the great success of the Transylvanian Catholic Church! Harghita county must be a good host of this historical event, so we begin the preparation from today – said Csaba Borboly.

According to the president, we have to accmodate hundreds of thousands of people in June and offer an ever lasting experience.

At the same time will take place the Harghita County Days, so we are preparing a wide range of programs in order to to keep up here as many pilgrimages as we can, even for a week, to stay here until Whitsunday and the Pentecost pilgrimage. We are counting on the active participation of the county's population, ecclesiastical and civic organizations, the RMDSZ and other political organisations, cultural institutions, and we look forward to the ideas and suggestions, "said president Borboly Csaba. He considers that this is not only a celebration and a special moment for the hungarians, but also for the romanians.

One of the special aims of the secler pilgrimage in Rome was to raise awareness of the beatification of Marton Áron – said the parish priest. He also said that Pope Francis is the first Jesuit who is Saint Peter's successor in Vatican.

Sándor Incze, who had been distincted last year by Harghita County Council, undertook together with other chorus leaders and with a choir of up to a thousand people to serve during the outdoor Holy Mass in Csíksomlyó.

"It is a great responsibility to accomodate the pilgrims, we have plenty of challenge to take, both from spiritual and tourism point of view," said István Becze, county councillor.


Csíkszereda, 11th of january 2019