Pope Francis's visit to Harghita County
Thursday, 20 June 2019 16:57:01
Accomodation Options

The Holy Father's visit in Csíksomlyó will be a historical moment, it is needed to be prepared concentrating on every aspect of our resources. As you may know, the eyes of the world will be on us, and it is very important the positive image and impression about our community, our region. The Pope's reception will be also a voluntary co-operative work, and I am convinced that we are able to perform this work well – the Harghita County Council has already formed a working group, which contributes to the oragnization and implementation of the visit.

Due to the fact, that pilgrimage mass will arrive at the event, the official accommodations in the area are likely to be all booked, in this order it is needed to work co-operatively and to offer guests as an accomodation possibility in our schools or municipal/city sports hall, in community houses, in cultural centers or even on parking spaces, respectively to offer them a number of additional events in the area.

Please fill in the questionnaire on the following link, so we can assess the possibilities. The questionnare and the Visit Harghita app will help us to provide accommodations for pilgrims.